I’m Luke Spencer, and I’m Running for Congress

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Dec 11, 2017 Comments Off on I’m Luke Spencer, and I’m Running for Congress Luke Spencer

I am excited to announce that I’m running for United States Congress!

Each and every American deserves to have more choices at the ballot box, and I intend to be one of those choices for the 18th Congressional District in my home state of Texas.

Most people agree that our two party system is deeply flawed. The Republican Party colludes with Big Business and bows before social conservatives. The Democratic Party is owned by the Big Banks and labor unions. The individual voter is told that these are the only choices and that a vote for another party is a wasted vote. In fact, a vote for the two party system is vote for more of the same.

Libertarians have been working since 1971 to build a new political party. We’re now in an era where the forces of change are driving new opportunities and momentum. Please join us in this journey and together we can become the change that we all so desperately want.

A vote for the Libertarian Party is a vote for more choices. It’s a vote for our future. With your support and partnership we can build a better future together.

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